Mon-Sun: 9am-10pm

What to expect on a cruise

Join us on an affordable cruise experience, where we take you on a nautical adventure around Singapore waters.

Cast off for a breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline with a cruise along the MBS area. Explore Singapore’s cluster of Southern Islands, such as Kusu Island and Sisters Island. We will then sail to drop anchor at Lazarus Island for a bit before heading back to the marina.

The itinerary

The yacht will commence its charter from ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore and will sail out for the southern islands.

The yacht will anchor at Lazarus Island, for guests to commence various activities such as exploring the island, swimming, kayaking or walking along the sandy beach.

Please note that the yacht will anchor at one location as per the Captain’s discretion, depending on the sea current on that day. The yacht will not change location after anchoring. For safety reasons due to visibility, all water activities will also have to stop by 7 PM.

Around 45 minutes before the charter ends, the yacht will do a city skyline cruise and sail back to either marina where guests will disembark.